About Us

Shop Recreation specifically for you our customer to make life a little easier when deciding which recreational items to go with, they’re all right here in one location at shoprecreation.com. Both owners of Shop Recreation have combined experience of over 30 years in Pools, Playgrounds and Outdoor/Indoor Recreations. Two sister companies, SeaGlassPools.com & KiventurePlay.com feed directly into ShopRecreation.com. As a matter of a fact, Shop Recreation was created in order to provide an online store for both SeaGlass Pools and Kidventure Play.

Our experience with pools first began with a forming a relationship with Hatteras Pools. Hatteras Pools is known in the fiberglass pool industry as having the beefiest pools around with 100% more fiberglass than most other manufacturers. This partnership was extremely successful and soon the vision was created to expand the territory of SeaGlass Pools in order to service the entire US. SeaGlass Pools opened a new stronghold for the west in St. George, Utah in the early fall of 2004. Shortly after opening in the west, Shop Recreation took a huge step by forming an alliance with San Juan Pools. Then following that SeaGlass Pools formed another huge alliance with Kafko and Latham Pools. And since, SeaGlass has created several key relationships to help improve the quality of our products and services.

Kidventure Play was started officially in 2008, unofficially in 2002 under an alias of Playtoons Soft Contained Playgrounds. Since the creation of Kidventure Play our core products have been soft playgrounds, contained play, backyard playsets and shade sail structures. Before Kidventure Play we were a part of Omni Soft Contained Play for over 15 years and responsible for tens of thousands of playgrounds globally. McDonald’s alone had over 3000 of our units.

Now, Shop Recreation offers all types of swimming pools whether they're inground or above ground. In fact we've become providers for just about all the backyard and swimming pool related products you could want. Find many of our products right here at our online store.


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